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Bericht 61 t/m 61 van 61
Naam Tracie
Woonplaats San Marco Argentano
Land ItaliŽ
Geslacht Vrouw
E-mail tracievanotterloo...
Homepage www.youtube.com/watc...
Datum 29-07-2014 2014m 16:45:31

They offer a good number of advantages over mutual funds, but, as with any other investment, there is another side to them that can be somewhat inconvenient or even disastrous if left neglected. Now, when the stock market heads south, you do not need to sell stocks to pay the bills not covered by your pension and social security. The purpose of an investment is not to eventually spend the money on something, but rather use the accumulated investment money to earn more money and maybe you can live off those earnings.

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